Cor Beaux Music-Bands 1959-1963.

With music large it have been always brought. If a someone had instrument in house, I got from that always, however, a song. Question me not how and why? Then I approximately 10 years old was, got I of my parents for the first time a jet ear. My father took along me to Mother HERMANS from the Utrechtse street. We were with a colleague of me father. These me would will give also gitar lesson. Look at to also frequently look at to gitarist how those their fingers put down, and went that then later at home try out. Notes read I do not know now still. When I ongeer 12 were years old I came for the first time someone against that a band wanted set up. Thought that the Hans baker were. We are will practise, firstly at someone thuis, but that gave problems. Later we will practise at the bottom of the cellar of a bread bakery. Hence REAL CELLAR BOYS. Later we have practised years on an attic chamber. Kwa bezettingen we have been changed still already once. To talent-Hunting have done much. Weet of 1x that the amplifier in fire flew. Were in the beginning old radio amplifiers. My first good amplifier was Dynacord. With echo etc.. That was most beautiful and best what there was then. Meanwhile I had, however, what jet ears have. Van Hofner, Greatz and still other. What I further can remind am myself that we much acted on the sea dike. The williams bar and San Francisco-Bar. Nice time were that for such a broekie if I. In or other one a manner I had it no longer after my sense at The Real Cellar boys. Photograph group members in the williams bar 1958-1960. v.l.n.r: Hans Bakker (jet ear/song), Cor Beaux Solo-Gitaar), Erik van Eldik (jet ear/song), Johnny Beck (bas-Gitaar/link LEADER), Eddy... (Drums). Wissels in these link are among other things Hans Tonkes (bas-Gitaar) and Wim Roland (drums) are. I weet which for me later have entered. On music a beetje had been looked out as solo-gitarist. Hereafter I am to Jacky Mathis and the Rocket boys gone. (later The astronaut) according to me I already earlier with Herman, but weet had strongly together played no longer how that zat. Herman strongly and I could each other vary with solo, battle or bas-gitaar. THE ASTRONAUT a group from Amsterdam was. These link members had already rather started under the name: Jacky Mathis and the Rocket boys. The link LEADER was cut Maththijsen thought I. Then I at the link kwam(1960-1963 existed these from: Jaap Matthijsen (slag-Gitaar/song), Herman Sterk (solo/bas-Gitaar), Gerard Korporaal (slag-Gitaar), Cor Beaux (solo/bas-Gitaar) and Henk Sijbrands (drums). We have acted much in Amsterdam: on the sea dike at williams bar and San Francisco-Bar. Actions in noord-Holland: Zaandijk, Oostzaan, Landsmeer, the Ilp and Haarlem. In the time that we played in Oostzaan (Concordia) we sometimes 4x per week and village fairs. This owner has advanced our then money to be able buy Fender-Gitaren. Repertoire of then: Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Oldie, Rock @Roll and country. Further we have acted months in Haarlem in a well-known kroeg. I have again changed of link and have come, until I in Militaire-dienst had (Sept 63). Have then stopped and the link is later still in Germany will act. In the later years I have been approached still once by the boys with which I had played in a link to play again. But if you have married and a busy life have, no longer go together to act. As lot of later I have been approached by old members of The astronaut (1990). We are together go reperteren and after 3 years will act. Also we had new instruments, amplifiers, microphones and P.A. bought. The name of the link became "THE SURVIVAL LINK" because we it had all survives and by went. We played music as of old!! Delicious country music, R&R and sixties. Also modern headstock was not lacking. The bezetting of the link became also larger. With several singers have also played. Further we complete leuke have had actions on weddings and parties. Also we had a fixed group that always to us came look at people (fans). Unfortunately I was the breakoff and after 6 years have stopped. Zat not well in my vel and dragging all equipment after the actions became me too inconvenient. Shame unfortunately.

"THE SURVIVAL LINK" the cast is: Herman Sterk (solo/bas-Gitaar, keyboard, song), Cor Beaux (solo/bas-Gitaar, song), Hans Bakker (slag-Gitaar, song), Henk Sijbrands (drums), singer afterwards Erna and its man Dirk (song/keyboard). Instrument: 2 Fender-Gitaren, 1 Fender bas-Gitaar, 1 washburn washburn-Gitaar, 1 country-Gitaarcountry-Gitaar country-Gitaar, 2 Fender-versterkers, 1 Trace Elliot Twin combo amplifier, 1 echo Dynacord, 1 Korg keyboard, Congos, drumstel, P.A. Carlsboro 2x, 250 Watt with 4 boxes, 2 monitor boxes, 5 microphones Shure SM58 with hengels, Lighning lamps on the podium. Bus full therefore!!

Foto Groepsleden in de Williams-Bar 1960-1963. v.l.n.r : Hans Bakker (Gitaar/Zang), Cor Beaux Solo-Gitaar), Erik van Eldik (Gitaar/Zang), Johnny Beck ( Bas-Gitaar/Band-Leider), Eddy ... (Drums).
Foto band van eind 1963/1964 bestaande uit: Jaap Matthijsen (Slag-Gitaar/Zang), Herman Sterk (Solo-Gitaar), Thijs de Graaf (Bas-Gitaar) voor mij ingevallen, en Henk Sijbrands (Drums). Herman Sterk schreef o.a. een nummer "1962 China Rock/Storm" onder de naam "Sterman". 1962 Brozem Rock/Strings, 1963 Pacific/Laura.

On this photograph above you see: my solo washburn washburn-Gitaar, Trace Elliot Twin combo amplifier, microphone Shure SM58.
BUY: Washburn 30 frets.
A beauty of Wasburn solo-gitaar for the expert: On the head Signature serials George Washburn stand steven Extended Cutaway U.S. and For stalemate pen thing. Washburn 30 frets volcano design. A special bridge (humbruckers) with tremmelo. (Licenced Under Floyd Rose parts)
To the bridge opzit a thin trade for the tremmelo. Spat is pure of downstairs to very high.
Snaren lie nicely low on the neck and frets. Neck has been glued.
The snaren are possible you by means of draaiknopjes by snaar on the bridge verstemmen.
To opzitten further 2 elements, 3 turn buds and 3 scores switch.
Jet ear consonance can leave you as Fender-gitaar latches already also a real hardrock jet ear.

BUY: Trace Elliot-Twin combo serials 6. Are Bass-beest fail amplifier of 110 Watt RMS GP7Pre-Amplifier, Graphic Equaliser. Serials 6. Also as a jet ear amplifier to use. Itself 3jaar uses in link. Simply to couple to P.A. several connections for impact equipment.

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